State of the art mobile application for both drivers and dispatchers to schedule, assign and execute trips on the road. Loaded with Virtual Dispatch Center, you can now track your entire operations from your mobile.


With integrations for leading brokers available. NEMT Platform covers complete lifecycle of NEMT operations from trips parsing and execution to billing documents so you can focus on what's important; growing your business


Select company for whom you are parsing trips. press choose button to upload csv/excel file provided by your NEMT broker.


Select driver to whom you want to assign trip. Dispatcher can also add notes for trip if required.(e.g one of the passenger is on wheel chair. Please take care of him) Search driver if the list is long.


Dispatcher can see all the scheduled and Live trips. Dispatcher can also track drivers in real time on the map screen.


  • Claim Files
  • Post Trip Log
  • Trip Reimbursement Form
  • Pre Trip Log
  • Manifest Report

Personal Trip Fare Management

Got to estimate the fares for your personal connections? We allow the drivers to not only see loaded miles as well as base to base trip estimates before actually taking the trip on. So they can provide a quote to their clients and save them as their personal trips within the application. The drivers will be reminded as the time approaches by NEMT Pro to help them stay organized.

Virtual Dispatch Centre

Have an eye on all operations of your company right from your own mobile device. You can look at the key performance indicators within the same NEMT Pro app if you’re a dispatcher. So driving on the road to move your clients, managing the operations or doing both, we’ve got you covered.

Today’s Trip Status

Not only you can view the state of operations, you can actively manage the trips and shuffle the trips between drivers based on their itenary for maximum efficiency. Got a call from a member that they’re ready for their Leg B, simply mark the trip as ready and the assigned driver will get a notification that their next pick up is ready. Insurance called to cancel a trip? Do the same from the panel and drivers will be notified of it too.

Entire Fleet In Front Of Your Eyes

NEMT Pro allows you to keep a tab not on your operations only but also your assets be it your drivers or vehicles. You can see who’s online, who’s on a trip and which vehicle has been assigned to whom. If any driver scans the QR Code attached to any vehicle using their application, the system reports is immediately to dispatchers so they remain aware of everything happening in the operations.

Paperless Operations

Take client signatures electronically so you never have to worry about loosing the important paperwork. Drivers are asked to enter odometer values where necessary and all this information is reflected on the generated trip logs and claims for smooth claims processing with insurance brokers.


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